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Building Het Seinwezen

An inspiring place to work, gather and meet one another

HOSPER is located in the Seinwezen building. From 1914 - 2000 the building functioned as the former headquarters of the "Seinwezen der Hollandsche IJzeren Spoorweg Maatschappij (HIJSM)", one of the precursors of the current National Railway (NS). The Seinwezen was part of the service that maintained the railway tracks, the junctions, the signals and the rail crossings. Since 2001 the building is a complex for small businesses. In 2011 Seinwezen Beheer has bought the building and transformed it with an emphasis on sustainability.

The Seinwezen is located directly along the railway tracks, at an 8 minutes walk from the central station of Haarlem. Also want to work, meet or party in preserved industrial heritage? Check www.seinwezen.nl.