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Estate Hageveld

Finalist Dutch Design Awards 2008 Arie Kepplerprijs 2009 Yearboek Landschapsarchitecture and urban design 2010 Nomination Best Private Plots 2010

landscape and urban masterplan, supervision architecture, outdoor design, design pond
Berrie van Elderen
Marike Oudijk
Braaksma & Roos
MYJ groep architects
HMADP architects
Hermine van der Does
Hopman Interheem Groep
14 ha. / 60 appartments
Estate and garden
Year of design:
Photography / illustration:
Pieter Kers

Transformation of the estate
In 2002 a plan was made to transform the Hageveld Estate, a former seminary of the Catholic Church, into private housing. At the same time, the high school situated in the rear of the building needed space for expanding the schools sporting activities. Our intervention consists of a master plan for the urban design and landscape plan for the estate, the design and detailing of the pond and grounds as well as the supervision of the architectural design.

The green and water structures have been restored and improved to enhance the green character of the estate. The grass stretches out directly to the facades wherever possible. The school's playground is accentuated with a one meter high grass bank. The public footpaths and trails through the trees have been restored and extended to connect with the surrounding meadows. A new bicycle path connects to the existing cycle routes. Objectives for this transformation were repairing the coherence between building, grounds and pastures, maintaining the public accessibility of the estate, creating a representative front and a campus like back for the estate and adapting the infrastructural logistics to the suit the new users.

New Apartments in the fronthouse
A large pond was designed on top of an underground car park, giving the building a special representative front. The pond has a surface of 730 m2 surface and is 60 cm deep with an edge of CorTen steel. The entrance slope slits through the water. The drainage system is situated under the small white pebbles around the steel rim. Panels with coloured glass works of art, fitted in the bottom of the pond, ensure daylight entry in the underground car park. Additionally, fountains generate a special effect to the water surface from time to time, producing little bubbles just above water level.