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Genk C-mine

SPACE FOR THE SPECTACULAR: opening Genk C-mine square

On Saturday the 28th of April a large public party took place on the extraordinary
C-mine square in Genk, during which the square was officially opened by mayor Wim Dries. It was a real spectacle with special light and air effects, musical performances and a showing of the special C-mine lipdub.

HOSPER has been working on the design of this spectacular square (the former mine site of Genk) since 2006 in cooperation with Atelier Ruimtelijk Advies, Carmela Bogman, Painting with Light and NU architectuuratelier.

Genk C-mine has recently been nominated for the Belgian Public Space Award 2013.


Included in yearbook landscape architecture and urban design 2013

Nominated for the Belgian
public space award 2013
Thuis in de Stad award 2012
3e prize city.people.light award

Mondo arc
LW magazine
WLA magazine #06
COL #41 Parks and Gardens
My Liveable City


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