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Ede Marktplein

The realization started! On the 5th of February took alderman Johan Weijland the first actions.

The municipality of Ede and the DOE Foundation have gathered ideas from the Edese residents for the refurbishment of the Marktplein. Subsequently a design competition was held to translate these ideas into a design. This competition consisted of three rounds, with the votes of the Edese population as determining votes. In this way the people of Ede were able to choose their own square.

HOSPER - in collaboration with SmitsRinsma - has won the design competition 'Van Marktplein tot Overtuin', with a contemporary translation of the historical leafy overtuinen (a Dutch term for detached gardens). As a result, the square becomes a cozy meeting place. There isspace for different types of use: an open square for the market and events, and sheltered green patios with terraces and playgrounds.





Ede Marktplein