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Heemstede Havendreef

Festive official start construction 1st phase Heemstede Havendreef

In December 2016 the construction of Heemstede Havendreef started with placing the first pile for the Heems pet store. On February 6th 2017 the start of construction of the 1st phase of the housing project was officially celebrated. This once cluttered business area will soon be a beautiful residential area with 47 traditional dwellings, 14 terrace houses on the Heemsteedse canal and 15 apartments on the harbour.

HOSPER made the design for the urban plan, the outline design for the public space, and the quality plan for the architecture. The houses were designed by INBO and LEVS. The area is being developed by the HBB Group.


Heemstede Havendreef

Havendreef Heemstede

HBB Groep