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Park of Luna

exhibit EURPA 2010
nomination Rosa Barba-prize 2010

Supervision and design of recreational area
Mark van Rijnberk

Berrie van Elderen

René van der Velde

Marike Oudijk

Neelen en Schuurmans
Municipality of Heerhugowaard

HAL Board
170 ha.
Landscape, nature and water
Year of design:
Photography / illustration:
Pieter Kers

Aerophoto Schiphol bv

Recreational area Heerhugowaard
Over the course of the years the traditional agrarian polder landscape south of Heerhugowaard has changed into a modern city landscape in which homes, recreation and nature development are closely interwoven. The HAL (Heerhugowaard-Alkmaar-Langedijk) structural concept served as the basis for the spatial concept for the Heerhugowaard-Zuid location covered by the plan. The Stad van de Zon (the City of the Sun) that will be located in the middle of the plan area, a neighbourhood with 2,600 homes designed by Kuiper Compagnons, will be a new and autonomous element.

Unique water storage and conservation
The Stad van de Zon will be completely surrounded by a ‘ring of open water', more than 70 hectares of new water, that will separate the residential area from the surrounding recreational areas and guarantee that a ‘large amount of open space' can be experienced in the plan area. Most use of the water will be made on the banks in the recreational area. The recreational area has two sides: the inner side is oriented towards the open water and the Stad van de Zon, the outer side towards the surrounding landscape. The ambitious water system is unique: it is designed to store a great deal of water and conserve water in the summer. A great deal of attention was devoted to the water quality, accessibility, and the ability to experience the system. To this end a number of structures were designed which include a circulation pumping station, a natural purification plant, a dephosphatising pond, a bridge, and a canoe crossing.

Structures enable passerby to experience the water purification
The structures were designed to ensure that passersby could experience the water to the maximum possible extent. Pursuant to this objective the public can access the roof of the pumping station. This offers a view of the lake. In addition, the pumping station is located in a strategic position close to the entrance to the beach. The inlet of the water purification plant has been raised above water level where it is both visible and audible. In adopting this approach the structures have become part of the large ‘water purification machine', form prominent features in the landscape, and serve as locations where the process can be experienced.

Subareas in the recreational area
The recreational area is comprised of subareas which each have an individual character: the Druiplanden, Huygendijk wood and Subplan 4. The Druiplanden, with an urban character, offers space for a pop podium with catering establishments and intensive bank recreation (sand beach, sunbathing areas, car parking and a day camp site). Subplan 4 forms the transition between the urban region of Heerhugowaard-South and the recreational area. The subplan offers ‘outdoor' living in surroundings with many trees. Spacious recreational routes cross the area and link the recreational area to the urban region of Heerhugowaard-South. The Huygendijk wood has a sheltered character and offers space for walking, cycling, jogging and roller-skating, etc. The decor for these activities is comprised of forested areas, open (sunbathing) grassland and nature banks. Some of the soil excavated for the water has been brought to the Huygendijk wood. This soil has been used, in collaboration with the artists of Drftwd office associates, to create a variety of locations in the relatively small area that offer a range of experiences.