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Landscape park Noordrand

design landscape park
Hilke Floris
Petrouschka Thumann
Frits van Loon
Jorrit Noordhuizen
DG Groep
Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Midden-IJsselmonde (OMMIJ)
45 ha.
Park and cemetery
Year of design:

Earthworks as counterpart for the extensive infrastructure
On behalf of the Development Middle IJsselmonde HOSPER has made a design for the Northern Fringe: a landscape park with recreational facilities between Barendrecht and Rhoon, north of the Vinex location Carnisselande-Portland. The landscape park will serve as a partial compensation for the widening of the A15 highway.

The area is dominated by the surrounding infrastructure: the A15 highway with high soundwalls, the Rhoonse Baan, high voltage pylons and an extensive network of underground pipes and cables. The concept is to create a visual nuance to the explicit infrastructure and turn the area into a pleasant place to stay. This is done by expanding the existing earthworks and planting trees wherever possible. The new mounds also introduce a new recreational value for the area. Among other things, they can be used as a viewpoint or to sledge off of in winter.

Plantation creates cohesion
The area is planted with large areas of currant trees. This creates a strong cohesion in the area, especially at times when the trees are in bloom (in spring) and in autumn. In addition the currant tree is one of the few species that resembles a tree and yet is still permitted on all cable and pipeline areas. In this way larger areas of trees can be created than would otherwise have been possible.

Where possible, the currant trees are complemented with large linden trees, which are positioned in such a way that they shield the most obtrusive infrastructure, the A15 highway with its soundwall, and the high voltage pylons.

On a large scale, the combination of mounds with tall trees works iconic and gives structure to the area. Lower planting is added to achieve a pleasant atmosphere on the smaller scale. This combination provides variation, high amenity and interesting vistas.

Central to the project area is a long strip, consisting of several low-growing willow species that will be pruned alternately. This strip reinforces the spatial relationship between the western part of the landscape park and the section near the residential area.