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Meijepark & Zuidhoek

urban plan public space, image quality architecture and supervision
Mark van der Heide
Han Konings
Raquel van Donselaar
Ronald Bron
Marike Oudijk
Floris van der Zee
FARO arcitecture/research
ERA De Koning Makelaardij
Vink Bouw
municipality of Nieuwkoop
23 ha, 92 dwellings
Year of design:
in progress

The landscape near Nieuwkoop, with its water filled trenches, shallow lakes, reed beds and trees, has its own exceptional beauty. Meijepark and Zuidhoek are situated on several narrow strips of land east and west of the Meijepad road through the Nieuwkoopse Plassen peatland nature reserve. Because the area has been polluted as a result of having been used as a dump, a development plan that includes housing, recreational facilities and nature enhancement marks the start of sustainable development.

The plan seeks to incorporate residence and recreation within the landscape. A meandering route on the Zuidhoek islands creates small variously shaped plots. Diagonal views and footpaths create a link with the nature in the surrounding area. Meijepark and the green headlands of Zuidhoek are places where those who live in Nieuwkoop and visitors to the area can enjoy the lakes. In addition to the existing water features, the plan provides for the construction of a water square, which creates space at the heart of the development and a panoramic view out over the depths of the lake. The headlands will be equipped with swimming jetties which emphasise the fact that the area is a public facility. A lake pavilion adds an element of vibrancy and turns the area into a recreational zone.

Residential streets
The residential streets have an informal feel, with a combination of grass clinkers and low hedges of Hydrangea on each side that define the public space.

Image quality and supervision
In addition to the urban plan HOSPER also composed an image quality plan. The aim was to create a varied intimate feel. The urban plan is constituted in such a way as to ensure a variation between neighbouring houses. In collaboration with FARO an architectonical language was created that contributes to the coherence and quality of the urban plan. Essential concepts are a holiday feel, village character, nature and sustainability.The neighbourhood will be an All-Electric neighbourhood. Every house will have a thermal storage system and the roof is engineered to accommodate solar panels.

For each dwelling and plot type exemplary floor plans were developed, which were then translated into maximum building envelopes.