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Recreational Area Lage Bergse Bos

HOSPER wins tender Recreational Area Lage Bergse Bos

The Lage Bergse Bos is a recreational area of approximately 160 hectares and part of the larger Recreation area De Rottemeren. It is an important green area for the municipality of Lansingerland and Rotterdam and is used very intensively. In the future the new highway A16 will run through the Lage Bergse Bos via a semi-sunken tunnel. The Recreatieschap Rottemeren intends to give, not only the route section of the land tunnel but the entire Lage Bergse Bos a quality impulse.

HOSPER will shape the design and process of this quality impulse. In collaboration with LA Group consultancy for culture and leisure, Bomenkennis and DG Group engineers for the outdoor space.



Bergschenhoek Lage Bergse Bos

LA Group
DG Groep