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Schagen Nes North

Urban design and public space
Berrie van Elderen
Ellemijk Marks
Mark van Rijnberk
Raquel van Donselaar
Patrick Verhoeven
Steenhuis Bukman Architecten
Klunder Architecten
HB Adviesbureau
Bouwfonds Property Development
Volker Wessels Vastgoed
25 ha. / around 450 dwellings
Year of design:
in progress

Nes North is situated at the north-eastern end of Schagen between the railway line, the provincial road, the old ribbon the Nes, and the canal. After a multifaceted tender BPD/VolkerWessels selected HOSPER to develop the town plan of around 400 houses for Nes North. The development of the district is currently underway and the first inhabitants have moved in.

Brook supports plan elements
The basis for the spatial concept for Nes North is the existing brook. This brook is the boundary of the urban development and divides the district into different neighbourhoods. The different neighbourhoods have different residential environments: water living, village living, and park living. A fourth residential environment is the historical ribbon of the Nes. Private plots with detached, rural homes form a fitting development along the Nes.

The compact development in village style create space for a large water area in the north and an open park field in the south.

Village Park
The Village Park (Dorpspark) area is surrounded by water. On the western side a large park field connects to the adjoining historic farmhouse (stolpboerderij) along the Nes. Along the eastern edge three sturdy buildings stand with their ‘feet' in the park. These buildings area accessible via compact parking fields on the northeast side.

Village Field
The Village Field (Dorpsveld) area is the most compact neighbourhood in the whole Nes North district. It is characterized by an informal and village-like character with various public spaces and the positioning of the housing types is mixed. This makes every street unique.

The architecture is unadorned and conducted in a sober, timeless fashion.