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development strategy
Almelo, Heerenveen, Landgraaf, Meppel
Ronald Bron
Transitiewijzer team:
Remco Rolvink
(Remco Rolvink Spatial Strategies)
Machiel Spaan
(M3H architecten)
Anko Grootveld
(Anko Grootveld Omtinker)
Nick van Eijkelenburg
Joey Vermijs (&Associates)
supported by Netherlands Architecture Fund
Research and vision
Year of design:
since 2013

The TRANSITIEWIJZER (TRANSITION POINTER) team executes a program that focuses on regional developments which require a transition to a different land use and growth model. These can be related to industrial and residential locations which have to be redeveloped due to stagnating sales, existing areas requiring a new purpose or recently released land in need of a boost.

The TRANSITIEWIJZER method always uses three steps: context analysis, strategy workshop and reporting of the result-expectation. The aim is to look for a way in which, for the short term, interest on landownership can be recovered by introducing features that incrementally increase the social, spatial and financial value on the longer term. The exploration of a place with this method does not have a blueprint, but gives a direction that creates support for citizens, entrepreneurs and politicians and leaves room for the precise development and participation of the parties involved. Thus quickly creating a new perspective for a stagnated area. After that the TRANSITIEWIJZER helps further the process of the crucial implementation phase with the parties concerned.

Untill now the TRANSITIEWIJZER team has worked on three cases for clients in Heerenveen, Meppel and Landgraaf supported by the Netherlands Architecture Fund. In addition, there has been a transition strategy for the northern edge of Almelo.

Almelo Waterrijk
On behalf of the municipality of Almelo, the TRANSITIEWIJZER developed a transition strategy for the area Waterrijk whereby through alternative land use qualitative appreciation of the site has been linked to a possible slow growth of housing construction in this municipally owned territory of about 250 hectares.

Meppel Nieuwveense Landen
On behalf of the D66 and CDA factions of the town of Meppel, and in the current topicality of the stagnation of the 400-hectare site of Nieuwveense Landen, the TRANSITIEWIJZER works together with TwynstraGudde on the exploration of promising alternatives for land use.

Castle Schaesberg
As part of IBA Parkstad TRANSITIEWIJZER is working on one of the many projects launched in the region. With the cooperation of the Municipality of Landgraaf, Stichting Boei and many others from the region a workshop will be held to explore promising bottom-up strategies for the realization of an estate around the rebuilding of the Schaesberg Castle.

Heerenveen KNO
For the city of Heerenveen, the Friesland Province and residents' Aengwirderweg, the TRANSITIEWIJZER has done an exploration of promising scenarios for the 140 hectare site Knooppunt Noordoost.