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Ir. Alle Hosper

M.Sc. Engineering
Landscape Architect
1943 - 1997

The city, the landscape and landscape architecture are the fields in which Alle Hosper drew up designs of very high quality. As a designer, source of inspiration, inventor and teacher he played a vital role as a guide and ground breaker.

Alle Hosper studied at the Agricultural University of Wageningen, the Netherlands. A field trip to Finland brought Alle Hosper in touch with town planning and formed the basis for his life-long lover affair with the Scandinavian design culture. His first activities were conducted with the design department of the Netherlands Forestry Commission which at the time was headed by landscape architect Nico de Jonge.

In 1975, Alle Hosper joined the Netherlands State Service for the Reclaimed Land in the Ijsselmeer where he worked on developing Almere New Town. The projects in which Alle Hosper had an important role include the landscape development zones which divide Almere New Town's various sections and districts, the central lake (the Weerwater) and the Master Structural Plan for Outer Almere.

Alle Hosper exchanged the reclaimed land for a seat on the Board of the firm of Bakker + Bleeker (currently called B+B) where he made an invaluable contribution to expanding the field of operation of landscape architecture with (urban) public space. Prominent projects including the Healthy Core for the public space of the inner city of The Hague, and The Better Inner City, for Hilversum.

In 1991, Alle Hosper started his own firm under his own name for Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning. The firm got off to a flying start and in its first year won competitions for the Zaan Island, gas storage facility Langelo and for the Mercator Square in Amsterdam. In subsequent uears, the firm grew into a multi-disciplined design team which worked on highly varied assignments. Alle Hosper died in 1997 after a brief illness.

After the death of Alle his wife Ciska Jonkers continued the office for several years. In 2001 she retired and Bureau Alle Hosper was taken over by the staff. In 2010 the office became a private company (BV) which, under the name HOSPER, works on leading national and international spatial projects.

(Photography : United photos De Boer)