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Quay-element Leidse Vaart

Design of a quay-element
Leidse Vaart, Haarlem
Hanneke Kijne

Frits van Loon

Arjan Karssen
Jacqueline Moors

Ramon Jansen
Haarlem City Council
2 x 500 metres in length
Furniture and object
Year of design:
1999-2002 + 2006

Continuous and characteristic image Leidse Vaart
The Leidse Vaart is one of the most beautiful long lines cutting through Haarlem and one of the most important historic waterways in the city. In the new design of the profile along the former barge-canal - the part from the Western Ring Road to the Emma Bridge - this line will be retained as a special element. In order to experience the Leidse Vaart as one special line within Haarlem it is of the utmost importance that the image of the Leidse Vaart profile is continuous and characteristic.

Specific design of a quay-element
A specific quay-element has been designed for the Leidse Vaart that replaces the current quay wall; the concrete quay-element includes benches, and landing and mooring places for boats. In this project we worked closely with a group of inhabitants/users and the workteam of the Haarlem City Council. The Image Quality Plan divides the entire Leidse Vaart on the territory of the Haarlem Council into three phases. The first part of the first phase, the part between the Schouwtjes Bridge and the Emma Bridge, has been completed in 2003. Based on a number of evaluation meetings with people directly concerned it was decided to partially adjust the second part of the first phase. However, in order to maintain continuity the earlier design and the implementation of the first part have been explicitly taken as the starting point for making the definitive design for the second part. This second part, between Schouwtjes Bridge and Ring Road, was opened just before summer 2007.