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A safe water barrier which will grow with the sea

The Afsluitdijk, one of the most important primary dams, does no longer meet safety requirements. The Waddenwerken plan proposes new nature in the IJsselmeer and the Waddenzee - bij creating tidal marshes that grow with the sea - and the development of new forms of renewable energy. Tidal marshes that grow with the rising sea-level will be created. Waddenwerken is one of 5 plans made for the future Afsluitdijk. In a Dutch survey about 34 percent of 2300 respondents indicated they prefer the Waddenwerken plan, by DHV, Imares and HOSPER. The research has been done by Motivaction and is commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat. (Source Fries Dagblad, 21/07/1910)


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