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Zutphen Groenmarkt

After extensive refurbishment, the historical axis Marspoortstraat - Groenmarkt connecting the inner city of Zutphen with the IJssel quay has been opened on April 29th 2016.

The starting point for the design was to emphasize the historical characteristics of the two different districts and to create more space for terraces, but not at the expense of a rigorous reduction of the parking function. The Wijnhuistoren (tower) has again been made ​​the highlight of the Groenmarkt and forms the link with the car-free recreational area of the Houtmarkt. Dark basalt curbstones and " flowing" strips of various types of granite (part historical and reused) bind together the leisure and parking function. In addition, by making difference in paving material, the private sidewalks along the Groenmarkt have returned in the streets.